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Top 5 Benefits of Paint Protection For New Vehicles

Paint Protection is something that divides the car industry; many people don’t understand what it does and when it should be applied. Some would argue that waxing is the only way to go to protect their car’s paint, while others prefer a more permanent protective coat over the layer of paint. However, if there’s one thing that both camps will agree on, it’s that some form of paint protection is important for new vehicles, that’s because it:

1. Keeps your car looking brand new longer.

Waxing gives your car a beautiful lustre that will last several months, so it’s important that you have your car waxed fairly regularly. Meanwhile, a more permanent protection will usually give you a lifetime of lustre. Either way, these options help keep your car looking brand new for a lot longer because it won’t chip or fade easily. Prevention is always the best method when it comes to your vehicle and paint protection is the best in the business for protecting you car’s colour and shine from fading.

2. Reduces the chances of superficial damage on your car’s paint.

No matter how careful you are when driving your car, chances are that it will get scratched when you least expect it, whether this be from stones while driving, people in car parks or just sand causing tiny scratches.

A layer of paint protection will enable you to reduce the impact of superficial damage on the paint. This is even more apparent when you apply a more permanent protective layer because that layer will get scratched before it even goes to the paint. It’s therefore easier to fix and harder to damage.

3. It’s like sunscreen for your car

Australia is well known for it’s sunshine filled days, which is all well and good, but what damage is this causing to your car’s paint? Like anything, the sun makes the colour fade and what was once a shiny new car, can often look worn and tired. This is something almost all car enthusiasts definitely do not want for their car.

Paint protection protects your car from the harsh sunlight to help keep the colour brighter and more vibrant for longer. After all, you wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, so why should your car spend hours each day in the sun with no protection?

4. Paint Protection reduces the need for polishing.

You naturally need to have your car waxed every several months or so to keep it looking great. However, you have the alternative of applying a protective coat instead when you first purchase the car. Depending on the type of coat you choose, you may be able to eliminate the need to have the surface polished, making it easier to maintain.

5. Increases your car’s resale value.

When you sell your car, most buyers will look not only into the condition of how it runs, but the first thing they often notice is the exterior and when it comes to cars, first impressions definitely count. Faded paint, tiny scratches or any imperfection can often bring down the value of your car considerably.

However, this won’t be a problem if you have some form of paint protection on it as most of the scratches will just be on the surface as we mentioned above and a quick detail should have it looking good as new.

Here at Perth Detailing Centre, we offer a wide range of paint protection services, from our top-of-the-line waxing services that include Swissvax, Crystal Rock Wax, and Shield Wax to more permanent protection from Modesta and Williams F1. For more information on our services, please send us an enquiry today.


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