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8 – 10 Years Paint Protection

With so many detailing centres in Perth, you may be wondering why you should choose Perth Detailing Centre?

The main reason is that we provide a wide range of top-notch detailing services for whatever you require, whether it is a polish or a full in depth detail inside and out. You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your prize possession; so let our team at Perth Detailing Centre show you why we’re the best at what we do.

  1. Detailing with a personal touch.

Most detailing centres treat each car like just another job and a job they need to complete before the day is done. At Perth Detailing Centre, we treat your car like it’s our own. You will see this care and passion in the result of the detailing work that we do as every tiny detail is taken care of.

Aside from that, we’ll recommend not just the best solution for your car’s detailing needs, but also a solution that perfectly suits your car. After all, we understand that your daily driver has different needs from your 4×4 that you take out on weekends to the family car that does school runs and gets you to the office. We also do our best to work within your budget to ensure that you’re getting the best detailing service without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Our services and skills are constantly upgraded.

We’re proud to say that we have the best facilities and team of detailers all over Western Australia. This is made possible by constantly upgrading our facilities and regularly updating each team member’s skills.

If there’s new equipment or a new method that will help make our work even better, we’ll do our best to give that to you. That’s why we’ve made it a point to be Western Australia’s only authorised detailer of Swissvax and Modesta. In addition, we put our employees through different trainings that will enable them to provide you with quick, efficient, and reliable service every time you send your car to us for detailing.

  1. Much more than just a car wash.

Here at Perth Detailing Centre, we provide much more than just the standard car wash. We offer our clients a wide range of other detailing services that will make your car look brand new.We only use premium products that provide the ultimate finish. Our favourite products are Swissvax and Modesta. 

With Swissvax, you get superior detailing for your car regardless of your budget, from simple interior and exterior detailing that will give your car a new lease on life, to Swissvax Superior Detail that takes an even more thorough approach to detailing by removing contaminants on your car, making minor paint correction, and detailing your engine.

Then there’s Modesta Glass Coating. This effectively gives the surface of your car a layer of protection unlike any waxes or sealants. Modesta Glass Coating is extremely fast-setting and provides a hard glass layer across your car that helps reduce light scratches, oxidation, watermarks, and damage caused by salts and acids.

  1. A strategically-located facility.

Located in Osborne Park, our newly modernised detailing facility gives you top-notch detailing services at a location convenient to you. Our centre is home to a dedicated wash bay, 5 detailing bays, and a smart repair centre to ensure you car gets the attention it requires.

Our smart repair centre also has a fully filtered extraction booth. This allows us to perform even the most intricate detailing work, whether your car has hundreds of tiny scratches or one big one, your vehicle will come out looking as good as new.

  1. We can come to you – at no extra cost!

Don’t want to be without your car for the day? Don’t worry, we can visit you at home or work and provide you with our first-rate car cleaning service that you expect from us. We make this possible through our 3 mobile car-cleaning units. Just hand your keys to one of our team members and you will be driving home from work or leaving the house in your fully detailed vehicle. What a great way to end the day!

Your car is generally your second biggest investment, so it’s important that you only let experts take care of it. Here at Perth Detailing Centre, we won’t just help make your car look brand new, we’ll also ensure that it stays that way several years down the road. Consider us an insurance policy for your investment.

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