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The advancement of Paint Protection

The advancement of Paint Protection

When Perth Detailing Centre commenced in 2007 Paint Protection was a long way from where we are today. I remember our first-ever protection we offered which was called “Fire Glaze ”, it’s still available today as a long-lasting sealant that lasts up to 3 years, I remember the wow’s we used to get in those days, of course since then so much has changed not only in the Paint Protection options themselves but also in the knowledge and the tools that professional details have in Perth Protection market.

Todays four main protection options used by today by Perth professionals are:

  • Waxes offer what we class as the show shine, its gloss has such depth but generally, the longevity is short, so is great for the enthusiast that enjoys their vehicle and has it looked after on a regular basis.
  •  Sealants are a Polymer/Synthetic protection that offers longer protection and still an excellent level of protection against the elements such as UV rays, Acid rain damage, and general weathering although some sealants claim a few years of protection here in Perth with such high UV count that we recommend a re-application each 12 months where the paint can be thoroughly cleaned and a fresh layer of sealant applied.
  • Ceramic Coatings are also known as  glass coating, nano-coating and the latest is graphite. Ceramic paint protection in Perth is highly recommended due to its strength and longevity, it’s not a magic forcefield as you may be told from the salesperson making all sorts of promises to make the sale. A vehicle that is correctly prepared and coated with a high-quality coating will last the length of the warranty (unless you are being told you have a lifetime warranty which when you read the T’s and C’s will have more clauses in it which makes you wonder if you have a warranty at all.) How long do these last, can be anything from 2-9 years with the correct easy care, and when I say easy you will find with a ceramic coated vehicle you will find it harder to get dirty and easy to clean and dry.
  • Paint Protection Film  (PPF)  is made from Thermoplastic Urethane and brings the latest and what some would say  the only “real” protection as it is the only protection that will withstand stone chips, wash scratches, and even bush scratches from 4 WD’ing and is virtually invisible. The Added beauty of the film is it fits in with your drying requirements and can be applied in conjunction with the ceramic coating an example being if you are doing a lot of country driving and prone to stone chips then you could apply it to just the bumper or have the full front of the vehicle protected while the rest of the paintwork still has protection from the environmental elements Perth has to throw at it. This film will last for years.

Did you know PPF was first made for the rotor blades of  helicopters in the Vietnamese war to stop the blades from chipping

In conclusion remember every vehicle needs protection of some sort, there is no one option that suits everyone in Perth for paint protection, it is crucial you talk to a professional independent detailer/applicator when you are looking to purchase a new car, they will listen to you and learn how you are using your new car and advise accordingly often giving you options that not only suit your car usage but also your budget.

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