Perth Swissvax Wax Protection

Perth Detailing Centre understands that not all clients want a long term paint protection. This may be for many reasons. With this in mind, Swissvax fills this role more than adequately with the choice of high volume Carnauba Waxes that offers a mid term protection ranging from 6 – 24 months while offering an incredible depth of gloss.

Crystal Rock Wax

Specially developed by Paul Dalton in Great Britain, unquestionably one of the most famous automobile detailers in the world.

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Shield Wax

Another option is Swissvax Shield which is a modern and innovative system for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork – also under the harshest conditions.

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Endurance Wax

Containing considerably more PTFE than Shield and 40% Carnauba Wax by volume, Swissvax Endurance offers unparalleled durability and protection as well as imparting a deep, reflective gloss to your paintwork.

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Swissvax Protection Packages

Swissvax New Vehicle Correction & Protection Package

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Swissvax Protection And Enhancement Package ​​

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Swissvax Interior PROTECTION Protection Package ​​​

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