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Perth Detailing Centre are proud to introduce Flexishield to Western Australia. After researching for many months to bring our clients the best film available for our West Australian conditions . So to give you some background on our research through our experience in liquid based coatings we knew there would be more than one premium film in the marketplace, although having a premium film was a prerequisite the film we would choose would need to meet other factors before being accepted to our service offerings.

Flexishield PPF can protect your whole vehicle or a high impact areas only. It can also complement any other protective coatings such as ceramic paint protection, sealants or waxes that we offer here at the centre. FlexiShield PSH adds a ultra shiny “wet look” to your paint, whilst keeping it protected for years to come.

So we outline here the key indicators that we assessed which explains why Flexishield PSH has been chosen as the brand to offer our clients that.


We could claim that Flexishield PSH is the toughest film in the marketplace, we cannot make that claim, what we can say through tests of some of the top films available in the marketplace is that Flexishield PSH stood up as good as any other film and in some cases better, so we know that it can handle our harsh environment and will make sure you have a premium protection coverage where you want it with no compromise.


Is crucial to the finish, the old days of cloudy and yellowing films are behind us, well they are in the leading brands such as Flexishield PSH, development in their Arizona facility has created an absolutely clear film that enhances the finish in both clarity and gloss of area coated.

  • Stain and Scratch resistant

FlexiShield WSH is designed to repel road grime and water, this means no more dried water marks and a much easier surface to clean on the areas protected by our film. It’s also a high protection against scratches, stone chips and stains. The supreme quality of the top coating used for FlexiShield WSH enables it to protect itself from bug squirts, bird droppings, road tar, sap and other outdoor impurities and airborne pollutants.

  • Self-Healing

Our signature top-coat has a unique chemical composition that allows the bonds to rebuild themselves after sustaining damage to the top surface. It is important to us that FlexiShield WSH is able to withstand wear and tear better than your paint would alone. Leaving the desired glossy shine of a new vehicle even with thousands of kilometres on the clock. Of course there are times when scratches or grazes are too much even for the WSH incredible healing abilities, on many occasions where this occurs we are able to just remove and reapply to that area with the paintwork protected and still in new condition

  • Warranty

You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected from debris, scratches, stone chips and harsh UV and comes with an extensive 10 year manufacturers warranty (or 5 years in Commercial environments).

  • Training

Is crucial in the application of PPF understanding the how the film works through stretching, tension and tacking it cannot be stressed of the importance of each. Many paint protection film companies will claim they have thousands of patterns that they have access to and that they will never cut (we call it scoring) the film on your vehicle. Although where possible patterns are used at Perth Detailing Centre it is not ALWAYS possible so our installers are trained not only in applying pre-cut patterns but also are highly skilled in knife skills for those times where a pattern is not available or you have something outside the normal scope that needs the protection of PPF.

Training was one of the hardest KPI’s to fulfil, finding a quality training provider seemed near on impossible but Maddison Lawrence from Flexishield Australia has developed a 3 day course that all approved Flexishield Installers must attend which means that they become some of the best trained installers available.

  • Support

An area that has to meet our high expectations, not only in supporting Perth Detailing Centre but also be able to support our clients both pre and post application of Flexishield. Although we know our clients will be happy with Flexishield, questions always come up and just when we think we have answered them all, another is proposed but by having direct access to Flexishield Australia we are able to get quick support and answers to any thing that is required.

  • Cost

Although we would never let cost stand in the way of quality we need to make sure that we are able to offer best value to our clients combining a premium film with an affordable service

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