What is Paint Protection Film:

Paint Protection Film is a near invisible thin polyurethane film that acts as an additional skin when layered by professional installer; It assists to protection your paint from stone chips and small scratches, it also protects just like the latest ceramic coating against harmful UV exposure, mineral deposits, acid rain, and more.

The urethane clear film is extremely resistant to contaminants that are highly acidic and corrosive, it provides  protection against bug splatter, bird droppings, mineral deposits, acid rain, and more. The unique material also helps it to reduce oxidisation due to excessive exposure to the sun or UV light.

The latest in a line of protective coatings over the decades

Paint Protection Film is the latest protection to be available in Perth in what can only be described as an incredibly fast paced industry ranging from the traditional protection of canubra wax to polymer based coating to the latest ceramic coatings all of which are still available in todays market place and each has its own market, PDC in fact are proud to offer the best hand made auto wax in the world, Swissvax is a brand we have been associated with for many years, We have a leader in the Ceramic field with our range of Gtechniq ceramic coating, this brand has a coating for many areas of you vehicle.

Today Paint Protection film protects all that its predecessors have but can protect from so much more:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Stonechip protection
  • Protection from scrapes and minor contact
  • Self Healing capabilities.

How it is applied:

The application of paint protection film is a highly skilled process and there are two main forms of application, Pattern cut and Bulk Cut the first as it sounds is where we cut from a accurate pattern system is pieces that fit perfectly to  each panel. The second bulk cut is performed where a pattern is not available and where we need to trim while on the vehicle.

Trimming or cutting on the vehicle is not what it sounds like, many will say that they only use patterns, this is fine if you have one. The term trimming or cutting should be changed to “scouring” as this is all that is needed with an extremely sharp blade where then the film will seperate with a simple tear.

The brands we use:

We have availability of three of the top brands of PPF in the world Suntek, Flexishield and S-tek.  All great films all with patterns but each has its uniqueness, One has the ability to be lifted and reset a number of times, great on difficult cures, One has a wider film of 72 Inches ideal for bonnets such as the Toyota Supra or BMW 7 Series and one is starting to provide more colours and finishes.  but each does the job of protection to the highest standard.


Although there are manufactures warranties with most films Perth Detailing Centre warranty all their own work for 7 – 10 years on the films we use, why? Because its the service we offer and it saves our clients the on the unlikely need to claim and easy process to get it fixed, Perth Detailing Centre where needed would take up any claim on failed film direct with the manufacture as we know they are each great companies

What can be protected by Paint Protection Film:

All painted panels are able to be protected, the most common area is the front end (Bumper, Bonnet, Fenders and Wing Mirrors)  to protect from stone chips and is where we combine it with a Gtechniq ceramic coating to the rest of that paintwork to protect from UV and other environmental problems.

But you can really protect anything from a total vehicle, a bush pack for 4WD or a wear kit that does door cup, edges and boot lip. 

Protection of the high wear areas