Are you looking for car paint protection in Perth? This over the years has been a very contentious subject, dividing the motoring public. You are able to read reviews across many forums about paint protection in Perth and for everyone that thinks it’s great there is another that will disagree. In our opinion they are all right, it’s a must for some and a must not for others.  So what right for you?

To decide this you must look firstly at yourself.  You, in our opinion is the difference between the yes and the no to paint protection.  We say this as a paint protection is offering you a long term protective coating over areas such as paint, glass, wheels, leather and fabric but it is not the only way to protect.  The other options have a much shorter protection span, meaning that you need to look after these surfaces much more often than you would if you had a long term protection over them.

New or used vehicles – it does not  matter.  All surfaces need some sort of protection if they are to last.  A used car will need more work to bring it back to a quality condition.

Just like car detailing, there are many levels of car paint protection in Perth.  We will work with your to determine which is best for you.  Even if you are doing it yourself and not using Perth Detailing Centre our advice is free and unbiased.

Our general car detailing plans will offer you all year round protection.  But should you apply a long-term protection this can reduce the cost of your plan, as we will design a personalised plan that suits your protected investment. As the years have gone by, protective coatings have developed significantly to offer your vehicle the protection that was not available only a few years ago.

Perth Detailing Centre has continually moved with these long-term protections.  From the older PTFE and silicon coatings through to the more recent years where Nano technology and ceramic coatings have emerged.  The latest is Gtechniq Hard Ceramic Coatings that offers something that we can only describe as “special”. Of course there are still the high quality traditional waxes such as Swissvax that will never age and will always offer a great protective coating with an insane gloss. 

Here at Perth Detailing Centre we offer you the choice of what we have identified to be the best.  We have chosen this through firstly quality, then longevity and finally the cost.  Although cost was the final impact on our choice, each option is much cheaper than any Dealership on comparative coatings. 

Below are our protection packages:

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