Paint Protection Services

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The Paint Protection People

Our Paint protection service offers long-term protective coating on areas of your car including paint, glass, wheels, leather, and fabric. The aim is to give longevity to the paintwork and surfaces and create a barrier to permanent damage. Vehicles are susceptible to much environmental damage, including UV light, water, chemical staining, dust and dirt, bird droppings, bug splatters, scratches, and chips.

All surfaces need some sort of protection if they are to last and remain in good condition, new and used cars alike. During the preparation process, we will work to bring surfaces back to a quality condition and you would be surprised how many new vehicles require professional correction. As the years have gone by, protective coatings have evolved significantly to offer your vehicle the highest level of protection and at Perth Detailing Centre, we have continually moved with this evolution to bring you superior service and coatings.

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