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Paint Protection Myth Busting

You may be teetering back and forth, wondering if your car needs paint protection, or whether it’s worth the money. Let’s get a few things straight and bust some myths to help you make your decision.

Myth #1: My car has metallic paint, which is stronger than normal paint, so I don’t need paint protection.

All surfaces need some sort of protection if they’re to last.

While paint technology has improved, it still cannot do the job of paint protection which offers something your paint cannot – a barrier from environmental damage like water stains, chemicals, dust and dirt, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Nanotech coatings can also help to fill the smallest pores in the paintwork, which will actually improve the look of your metallic paint, making it more reflective and shinier with a depth of colour.

Myth #2: It’s too late – my car is already damaged/it’s best to get paint protection before the car leaves the dealership.

Paint protection can step in at any point to halt ongoing damage from the elements and improve the condition of your vehicle’s paint. It won’t get better on its own, but it could get worse.

In the preparation process, we will address any defects. Each car is unique, so we make sure our preparation process is thorough – application is only as good as the preparation! A used car will usually need more work to bring it back to a quality condition.

Dealerships do offer paint protection, but like any service, we recommend doing your research and finding the best paint protection option for you, which isn’t always the cookie-cutter or cheapest option.

Myth #3: I only want to keep my car for a few years, I’ll sell it before the damage shows.

If you’re intending to sell or upgrade your car, there’s even more reason to look at paint protection – regardless of the time frame you’ve planned.

As soon as you drive it out on the street, your car is subject to UV damage, scratches, stains, and markings, which can affect the resale value and result in less in your pocket when you come to sell.

A guaranteed way of keeping your car looking as new as possible is with protection – interior, windows as well as the exterior – these are all possible at Perth Detailing Centre.

Myth #4: If I wax regularly, or DIY coating, I can get the same results

Wax will only take you so far and it will need re-applying many times. Paint protection rules out the need for wax all together and lasts much longer.

If you’re planning to DIY, it’s difficult to get the preparation right, which is the key to a good application. Once you apply a semi-permanent coating, you’re locking in all defects. Good dealers are specially trained to restore your car and coat the specific product they use.

When properly applied and well maintained, paint protection can serve you for many years, saving you time and money in repeat waxing or correcting defects.

Myth #5: I keep my car clean, parked in a garage so I don’t need protection

While you can control a few factors to keep your car protected, even the daily drive and parking out in the open can cause damage.

Think of it like your own skin – we live in a home, but you wouldn’t go out in the sun without first slip, slop, slapping, and the same is true for your car. Your paint is susceptible to UV damage and often, you don’t see the damage like fading, cracking, or peeling, until it’s too late.

As well as the sun, there are other damage factors you will encounter on the roads or in car parks, like dust/dirt, dried-on stains, chemicals, or scratches which could be avoided with good protection.

Myth #6: Aftercare – coating makes cleaning too complex OR coating means I don’t have to clean my car as often.

Once protected it’s best to avoid the commercial cleaning facilities or harsh products and equipment. Your dealer should give you after-care instructions, which are often gentler, but not more complex.

Paint protection can help keep your car cleaner for longer as it is harder for debris to attach to the coating and it increases the hydrophobic qualities. While it’s easier to get clean, paint protection definitely doesn’t mean you can just hose it off and nothing more.

You can make care easier with Perth Detailing Centre mobile services.

More information

If you have any questions, the friendly team at Perth Detailing Centre is always available – our commitment is to keep your vehicle protected at all times.

We restore. We protect. We maintain.

Contact us at or 9242 3230.

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