Premium Paint Protection Film

Premium Paint Protection Film

For the latest technology in paint protection film, look no further than PremiumShield Elite SH. Providing the highest quality protection alongside industry-leading clarity and durability.

PremiumShield Elite SH has ‘natural’ self-healing technology allowing the film to maintain its hydrophobic surface from light scratching without the need for additional heat.

It has the flattest, glossiest finish available in the market today with superior optical clarity to enhance both appearance and protection.

PremiumShield Elite SH is ideal for high-wear areas and can be applied to all painted panels, including the most common problem areas at the front end (bumper, bonnet, fenders and wing mirrors). It can protect anything from a total vehicle, a bush pack for 4WD or a wear kit that does door cup, edges and boot lip.

The Technology

Paint Protection Film is a near-invisible thin polyurethane film (vinyl wrap) that acts as an additional skin, protecting against stone chips and small scratches, harmful UV exposure, mineral deposits, bug splatter, bird droppings, acid rain, and more. It is extremely resistant to highly acidic and corrosive contaminants and reduces oxidisation due to excessive exposure to the sun or UV light.

What makes PremiumShield Elite SH stand out above the rest is its ability to protect against scratches, scrapes, and minor contact and the innovative self-healing capability which means you have long-lasting, largely impenetrable protection.

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Your Protection Options



Our Paint protection
film Kits

 Wear & Tear Pack -  

(Boot Lip, Door Edges , Door Cups)  

Impact Kit -

(Front Bumper, Leading Edge of Bonnet and fenders)

Full Front - 

(Front Bumper , Full Bonnet & Fenders and Wing Mirrors

Full front & Side- 

(Front Bumper, Full Bonnet & Fenders, Mirrors, Front/Rear Doors and Rear uarters

Full Vehicle - All painted panels  



  From $1000.00

 From $1945.00

From $3510.00

 From $5255.00



 From $1200.00

 From $2145.oo  

 From $3940.00

 From $6640.00



From $1400.00

 From $2390.00 

From $4925.00

 From $6935.00 

Perth Detailing Centre Advantage

Custom Application

After our attention to detail and process when it comes to preparing your vehicle, the application of paint protection film is a highly skilled process comprising two main forms of application – Pattern Cut and Bulk Cut.

Pattern Cut is where we cut from an accurate pattern system, pieces that fit perfectly to each panel. Bulk Cut is performed where a pattern is not available and where we need to trim while on the vehicle.

Many dealers may only use patterns, which is fine when it matches the vehicle. But the trimming or cutting on the vehicle is more precise and skill-based, using an extremely sharp blade to score the film to separate it and custom shape.


Along with the manufacturer warranty, Perth Detailing Centre guarantees films for 7 to 10 years. This is due to the dedication to the service we offer. To save clients the associated hassle if there is ever a need to claim repairs, we will correct any defect and, on your behalf, take any claim directly to the manufacturer – confident in these reputable companies.  We Guarantee the Guarantee.

Protection of the high wear areas

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