Paint Correction Services Perth

Overview of our Correction Services

Buffing, Cut & Polish, Machine Polishing and Paint Correction are all terms that are or have been used to describe the use of a polishing machine to refine the paint surface of a vehicle in the past.

The art of using a machine polisher is one that is learnt, in untrained hands the wrong choice of machine can mean the difference between a great finished vehicle or one that has gone terribly wrong, permanently damaging the paint or other parts of the vehicle.

At Perth Detailing Centre we have a collection of 8 different machines in various sizes  and capabilities to make sure that we have the right tool for each job that we undertake. To complement these machines we have a selection of compounds and pads that enables us to achieve the required result not only quicker but safer.

So what is cutting or correcting of the paint? Simply put it is a process where we use a combination of machines, pads and compound to remove minimum layers from the surface to remove defects such as scratches and imperfections.

One combination does not fit all, every car is different and many factors come into play such as country of origin, make & model, year, history of the car, current condition of the vehicle and paint thickness as well as your expectation of required finish.

We always recommend that we inspect the vehicle if anything more than 1 stage is required, or that you are unsure of what you need, photo’s can help and give us an indication but we are unable to get a true understanding of the condition and are also unable to measure the paint  to know how much we are able to safely remove.

On arrival to our workshop our team will photo your vehicle from every angle, this is kept on file and you are welcome to see these at any time, great way to see what it used to be like, your vehicle will then be fully decontaminated , dried and sensitive areas will be masked off to ensure a safe process.

At the commencement of the correction we will carry out a test area to ensure we have the best combination to obtain your required result. We will never rush a job or take shortcuts, our skilled team pride themselves on obtaining the best results possible.

Perth Detailing Centre – Paint Correction Prices 

One Stage Correction

Car – $320.00 SUV $395.00 4WD $460.00

This is the best option for paint work  that is in good condition already that has only light visible swirls and minor marring (wash scratches)  – this single stage involves refining the paint work with a finishing compound and a soft finishing pad only, it is then followed by a wax or paint sealant to protect the paint work

Two Stage Correction

Car – $590.00 SUV $675.00 4WD $760.00

This is best option for paintwork that has moderate swirl marks and light scratches and involves using 2 different polish and pad combinations; beginning with a  cutting (abrasive) compound, to remove imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches and other moderate paint defects, this is followed by a finishing polish as in the 1 Stage  to refine the paint work even further by removing any marring or holograms left by the previous step, it is then followed by a wax or paint sealant to protect the paint work.

Three Stage Correction

Car – $910.00 SUV $1075.00 4WD $1160.00

This suited to cars that have heavy swirl marks, scratches and other paint defects such as bird lime, it involves using 3 varying compounds and pad combinations, should any scratches be deep spot wet sanding technique may be applied. A course compound and pad is used on the initial  stage of this process followed by the previous two steps giving best possible finish it is then followed by a wax or paint sealant to protect the paint work.