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At PDC we know Australian conditions are tough, and that means you need the very best products for your car that can handle everything you throw at it. We use a select range of premium brands, as tried and tested by our team. Not only that, our team are professional trained in the best application techniques for each brand, so you know the result will be second to none.

Gtechniq Smart Surface Science

Over the last 10 years, Gtechniq's products have continually improved to provide a range of surface preparation and finishing products designed to perfect, protect and maintain all automotive vehicles. With a mission to engineer the world’s most beautiful, perfectly finished, smartest and most intelligent surfaces, Gtechniq products globally outshine and outlast the competition.

Suntek Window Films

Suntek Window Films has over 60 years experience refining their high-performance window tint and paint protection film. Sun Tek paint protection films are scientifically formulated to defeat everyday wear and tear on automotive paint for years, in our local conditions.

Premium Shield

Premiumshield is a film durable enough to withstand rock chips but clear enough to show the paint was created. As a family-owned business, with over 40 years in the paint protection film industry, Premiumshield is truly made by installers for installers.

Swissvax Car Care Products

With products made exclusively by hand, Swissvax offers a harmoniously coordinated complete care system for automobiles, consisting of washing, cleaning, care and sealing components. In contrast to conventional polishes, Swissvax speciality formulations create a deep, unique "wet look", can be used on all types of paintwork, and are exceptionally long-lasting.

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