PDC are happy to announce the launch of Max-Protect here in Perth . After years of development the creators of this new coating offers superior protection and definition with the uniqueness of a combination of both glass and rubber coating , which we firmly believe, is the best on the market today. Offering up to 10 years of protection, superior gloss and durability.

Covering all aspects of your vehicle such as paintwork, glass, metal and plastics it offers a complete protection package.

PDC are always looking to have only the most superior coatings available to our clients, so when we source a new product we long for so many factors – longevity, gloss, ease of maintenance and its resilience to the harsh environment we live in today.

Combine these coatings with correct washings technique and after care  it helps to prevent those unsightly light scratches and swirls seen on may of todays cars.


Coming in two distinctive coatings UNC-V (Glass Coating) and the UNC-R (Rubber) Membrane Coating) which can be applied individually or as a dual layer  which gives an ultimate defence to the harsh West Australian conditions.

The UNC-V range is a extremely durable Nano-glass coating with outstanding resistance to chemical attacks – salt, acid rain, heavy detergents like TFR, wheel cleaner, bird poo, tree sap, etc., will not harm the protected surfaces

This coating adds ultra-deep gloss with mirror like reflections, slightly darkens the paint, and improves deep scratch resistance. UNC v2 and is so super- hydrophobic, some of our customers say it’s difficult to get the surfaces wet!

The UNC-R range, once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care products market! UNC-R is the only coating in the world that turns into rubber membrane when applied in non-lab conditions and cured in room temperature!

Extremely glossy and silky smooth surface with no top-ups. Ultra high resistance to chemical attacks (more resistant than UNC-V range), years of durability and UNC-R increases paintwork resistance against small stone chips and washing scratches (light swirls).


THE Protection

The Paint Paint and Interior The Works
Side Windows
Rear windscreen
Side Mirrors
Exhaust Tips
Wheels Complete (removed)
 Fabric seat
 Leather Seats
 Dash, Centre Console and Door plastic
 Rubber Seals
 Coating prices 
 V2 Glass

– up to 3 years protection

 Car $499.00
SUV $599.00
4WD $699.00
R1.5 Rubber

– up to 6 years protection

Car $799.00
SUV $899.00
4WD $999.00
V2 Plus R1.5

– up to 10 years protection

 Car $999.00
SUV $1099.00
In addition to paintwork protection  the product range also offers protection for plastic trim surfaces for up to 12 months, plastic and trim protection not only provides extra depth to restore plastics back to their former glory but it also protects against the elements, repelling water, dirt and UV.

Adding the wheel protection protects wheels against dirt and brake dust, also repelling water and grime the heat resistant coating is also suitable for brake calipers. The coating makes washing your wheels easier as dirt and brake dust should fall off as you rinse the car down, especially when using high-pressure cleaners.

Window/glass coating adds a hydrophobic layer to aid water repellence improving vision and therefore safety. In addition the coating aids cleaning and maintenance.