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How do I choose what brand and where to get my paint protection to applied

The choices for this are not as many as there are coatings but it is still a thing that you need to consider.  Many Dealerships see this as an add on to the existing business and a great up sell to make sure they are able to increase their sales and profitability.

Unfortunately this is not always in your best interest, you need to look for a company that understands the requirements that your vehicle paint needs that fits in with your uses of the vehicle and the type of driving.

We have said in previous articles that there is so much more than just a wash and a wipe. You need to find a company where they have a passion for your car as much and if not more than you do.

A company that will explain and show you what the benefits are that suit your requirements, a company that has been trained in both the preparation and application of your coating and finally and also very importantly, a company that is there post application to offer advice, solutions and service.

Tips for you when choosing 


So we have listed some great tips on choosing who applies your coating which will also help with choosing which brand you have finally settled on.

  • Research your product, know the brand that you want and look for their approved applicators list, this means you know they are a trained applicator in all the brands coatings and can offer you their professional only range.
  • Research the brand – is it only available local? If so in our opinion it may be a re-branded product, using a coating that has a world wide reputation for quality and performance in all climates shows their commitment to the industry and the care of your car.
  • Visit the company that you are thinking of installing your coating personally where they will be able to explain the process and show you some examples of the coating, do not be fooled by a coated car in a showroom you want to see it on real cars that are road driven.
  • If you are thinking of choosing the dealership in-house option then ask who is the company applying the coating or is it done in house and follow all the other tips here to make sure it is the right choice for you
  • Although some brands will apply their coatings it at home, it is in our opinion not the best option.  The environment it is applied in can have an effect on the coating finish, so this is why we recommend to have a workshop applied coating.
  • By knowing where and by who, you build a relationship between them and yourself, this is invaluable not only if you have any questions in regards to the protections applied but also for any other car care or maintenance you may need to keep you car looking good and remember they are in the automotive industry and may be able to point you in the right direction to other high quality professionals for any other service your car may need.
  • Ask as many questions you have, a good applicator will spend the time to explain what the investment will give you.
  • We know that not everyone can afford to pay with cash for their protection and this makes placing them on the vehicle finance an easier option.  This is a big selling point at the point of sale, especially at the Dealerships. The problem with this option is that you are paying off the protection over the whole time you are paying for the vehicle, this means you are also paying interest over this same time adding to the costs of the protection that may already have an inflated price. Our advice is to look for options in the marketplace that have an interest free term offered by independent installers.
  • Finally shop around.  You can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars and get an equally or better product.
  • Do not be fooled by false promises and discounts.  These may sound great but if it is too good to be true then ……….

Need help ?

If you have any questions we are an easy phone call (9242 3230) or email ( away and are always here to answer the questions you want to ask as we want to make sure your vehicle is protected at all times.

You can find more options at

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