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How do I choose the right Perth Paint Protection?

How do I choose the right Perth Paint Protection?  Perth vehicle buyers are becoming much more savvy when it comes to  research into buying a new vehicle. This is saving them hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars and they are going to the Dealerships prepared for the add ons that are going to be offered by the sales team after they have chosen their new vehicle.

These savings can be made from researching the items that you may want or need, from finance and extended warranties through to window tinting and paint protection and by doing this research you are able to not only save on the monetary side but also find superior products and services from the many independently run business professionals.

In this article we will help you understand how to choose the Paint Protection Perth that suits you and your vehicle’s needs best.  The pitfalls to avoid, as not every vehicle owner has the same requirements. One fit certainly does not fit all.

So you have decided on your choice of new vehicle. Your first question and one that is often asked is “do I need Paint Protection in Perth?”.  The simple answer to that is yes.  Unprotected paint will fade in our high UV rating Perth climate, it will corrode quicker when it is contaminated with things such as bird lime, bore water and tree sap.

Where the contaminants show up it may be too late to fix once you have noticed it.  For example proteins and acids in the bird lime and bugs can quickly start to corrode through the clear coat and paint if left unprotected (still need to be removed quickly with protection but you get much more time).  Another deceiving problem with not having any protection on your new vehicles paintwork is the fading of the pigments (oxidation) that is caused by UV rays and is hardly noticed as it generally fades evenly over time and only when it is re-polished is it noticed.

Other benefits of paint protection to take into consideration and these vary dependant on your choice of protection are:

  • Resistance to scratches,
  • Minimise maintenance
  • Hydrophobic qualities
  • Stone Chips
  • Maintaining  value in your investment (re-sale)

Before you look at what type of protection you need, you need to look at other factors that will direct you to the right direction.  This can be done quickly by answering a few simple questions to determine the choice that best fits you.

These questions are in no particular order. They are all important of course but it will help you make the right decision that suits you best.

  • Do I like maintaining my vehicle?  The best way to answer this is by looking at your previous vehicles.
  • Were you proud of it? Was the paint faded or flaking and was it looking as good as the day you bought it?
  • What’s the value of my vehicle and do I want to maintain this value the best I can so I can trade up in the future?
  • Where is my vehicle stored at night and in the day?
  • What are my driving habits?  Do I do mostly city commuting, more country driving or a combination of these?
  • What budget do I have? Do I need to put it on finance?
  •  How will I wash the vehicle on a regular basis?
  • Is the appearance of my vehicle important to me?

Don’t let this happen to your paintwork

So you will now know what you need from a Paint Protection.  Next time we will look at the 4 main options of Paint Protection available to the Perth vehicle owner and then in the third part of the series we will investigate how to best decide who and where to get your vehicle protected.

In the meantime if you have any questions  about Paint Protection Perth we are an easy phone call (9242 3230) or email ( away and are always here to answer the questions you want to ask as.  We want to make sure your vehicle is protected at all times.

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