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Gtechniq Crystal Serum Protection System: Independent Reviews

When you’re looking for the best ceramic paint protection, there’s a lot of information online to scroll through and a lot of differing opinions!

We believe the the Gtechniq Crystal Serum Protection System is superior – like no other. Which is why we selected it as a premium coating to offer clients.

But, as with any paint protection options, we encourage you to do your own research to work out what best fits your needs. So, here are a four independent reviews for you to help inform your judgement.

The Detailing Space

This company have set out to create a year-long diary after coating a car with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.

It was professionally coated on a daily driver vehicle, kept in the driveway expose to the elements, in order to test the longevity and maintenance quality of the protection.

At month two, the water behaviour and beading were still good. The car was then washed using the Gtechniq recommended biodegradable cleaner which removes road grime, with multipurpose use from carpets to engine cleaning. The coating was still amazing the owner! After the wash the life was back in the coating and it looked and acted like the day it was applied.

At month four, a ‘spring clean’ including tar remover and glass clearer, was the quickest the reviewer had ever done, due to the protection level of the coating.

Click here for the full review.

Detailed Image

In this review, Detailed Image applied Gtechniq EXO V4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic to a new Toyota 4Runner TRD. The video goes into detail about attributes of the coating the reviewer has really enjoyed and summarises there isn’t too much better than EXO.

“The hard film makes water-spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals, road salt, and can help withstand micro-marring. You will be amazed at how glossy, slick to the touch and ultra-hydrophobic this coating is. Water will bead up in small drops and run off your paint with ease! EXOv4 stands up to UV rays and everyday elements for up to 2 years!”

Click here for the full review.

Exclusive Detail, US Paint Protection Specialist

This reviewer compared Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and assessed both were:

  • “best protection available in the Ceramic Coating category.”
  • “efficient at protecting a vehicle’s factory paint from things like chemical stains and etching, or oxidation caused by UV exposure.”
  • “top-of-the-line aesthetically. Both coatings will enhance the depth and clarity of your car’s paint, as long as proper paint correction was performed before application.”

“Gtechniq does not offer a lifetime warranty, but Crystal Serum Ultra does come with a 9-year guarantee. If a lifetime warranty is very important to you, you may want to go with Ceramic Pro. If you want the hardest possible coating or if you want a coating the sheets instead of beads, you may want to go with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.”

“What’s more important than the question of which coating is the question of who’s putting it on.”

“Any protective product, be it a sealant, coating, or film, is only as good as the professional who applies it.”

Click here for the full article.

Visual Pro Detailing

Three years on from coating a Chevrolet 2500 with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Professional, this reviewer has created a video to check in on the progress of the protection on the car.

“It is still going strong. Pretty much like day one, after three years. This is why we are so happy with the Gtechniq line of coatings on our vehicles.”

Click here for the video.

Perth Detailing Centre

At Perth Detailing Centre our mission is to exceed your expectations. We work hard and treat each car like it’s our own – we value honesty and quality service.

If you have any questions or would like more information about ceramic paint protection, the friendly team at Perth Detailing Centre is always available.

Contact us at or (08) 9242 3230.

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