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Caravan paint protection encompasses a range of methods, each requiring more than just a simple wash and product application. Although caravan-specific products differ from those designed for automobiles, the underlying process remains consistent. Gelcoat protection is a critical aspect of safeguarding your caravan or RV’s surface. Gelcoat, a resin-based material, is widely utilized to achieve a glossy, smooth finish on caravans, boats, and fibreglass-reinforced structures. The preservation of this finish is paramount to maintaining the long-term appearance and structural integrity. It’s worth noting that safeguarding against UV radiation is essential, as it can lead to gel coat chalking and oxidation over time.

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At Perth Detailing and Protection Centre, we offer three primary options to safeguard the gelcoat on your caravan, as well as comprehensive solutions to protect various surfaces both inside and outside your van:

Options For Paint & Caravan Stone Protection

  1. Waxing: Ideal for those who prefer annual applications, our waxing service is designed to maintain your caravan’s gelcoat. We recommend Swissvax’s Gelcoat Infusion Wax, which provides long-term protection for smooth gelcoat surfaces. This wax, containing 45% Grade One ivory Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil and a natural UV stabilizer, shields against dirt, rainwater, and UV rays. With added PTFE Teflon, it creates a brilliant gloss and a durable self-cleaning water-repellent effect. This protective barrier prevents oxidation and fading, ensuring your caravan looks fresh and vibrant.
  2. Ceramic Coating: For those seeking long-term protection lasting over five years, our ceramic coating is the ideal choice. It offers exceptional durability and a hydrophobic surface, effectively repelling contaminants and preserving your caravan’s appearance.
  3. Paint Protection Film: If you’re looking for comprehensive protection, including caravan stone protection, our Bushwrapz Paint Protection Film is the perfect solution. Engineered to withstand rugged terrains in Western Australia, this polyurethane film offers outstanding clarity, gloss, and self-healing properties. It’s particularly suited for safeguarding against stone chips and pinstripes caused by light scrubbing, making it a top choice for off-road adventures.

Our commitment to Perth Caravan Paint Protection extends beyond these options. We understand the unique challenges caravans face, which is why we offer custom solutions tailored to your caravan’s specific needs. Whether it’s gelcoat preservation, long-lasting ceramic coating, or comprehensive protection with paint protection film, our experienced team ensures your caravan remains in top condition.

Trust Perth Detailing and Protection Centre to enhance your caravan’s lifespan and appearance. Contact us today to explore our protective solutions and keep your caravan looking its best, even in the rugged terrains of Western Australia.

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Benefits of Caravan Paint Protection

  • Easy Cleaning: A well-protected gelcoat surface is easier to clean. Contaminants are less likely, making routine maintenance and cleaning more manageable.
  • Retains Resale Value: Gelcoat protection helps preserve the caravan’s appearance and condition. This can positively impact the resale value of the vehicle, as potential buyers often look for well-maintained and protected caravans.
  • Longevity: Gelcoat protection extends the life of the gelcoat, reducing the need for repairs and repainting. This can save on maintenance costs over time.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A well-maintained gelcoat surface enhances the overall aesthetics of the caravan, giving it a glossy and polished look that stands out.

It’s important to choose the right gelcoat protection that suits your requirements, especially in the diversity of conditions and distances travelled in Perth, Western Australia and the Australia climate and remember that whatever protection you choose it’s not a magic forcefield and still requires regular cleaning and upkeep to ensure the longevity of the gelcoat protection and to keep the caravan looking its best.

Other areas of protection on offer

Exterior Window

Bushwrapz for caravan paint protection in Perth

A long-time issue for all caravan owners, these scratch extremely easy and before now there were no options to prevent this but now we are able to apply Paint Protection Film

Wheel Protection

Autotriz Wheel & Caliper for caravan wheel protection in Perth

Often forgotten but Autotriz Wheel & Caliper is an extremely durable coating for any type of wheels and calipers. Its main advantage is its resistance to wheel cleaners with a pH ranging between 1 and 11. Its superb self-cleaning abilities help repel road grime, brake dust from brake pads and impregnation of iron particles from the brake discs, thus highly reducing cleaning effort.

Fabric & Vinyl

Autotriz Fabric & Canvas for caravan paint protection in Perth

Autotriz Fabric & Canvas creates a protection to greatly increase water repellency to marine fabric and protect against oil and water-based stains. For boat covers, dodgers, bimini tops, sail canvas and all outdoor fabric. Remains breathable, flexible and retains its original colour. It’s PFOA-free, non-toxic, VOC compliant, environment friendly and safe for natural and synthetic fabrics.


Autotriz PVC & CSM Hypalon for caravan paint protection in Perth

Autotriz PVC & CSM Hypalon protects against damage from discolouration, drying, cracking and adhesive separation of the rubberized fabric caused by extreme heat and high UV levels in marine environments. It fills in the microscopic pores of CSM (Hypalon) and PVC fabric to create a smooth surface that repels salt water, dirt and oil. The sealed fabric texture also eliminates the build-up of mould and stains.

Interior Surfaces

Autotriz Leather & Vinyl for caravan interior protection in Perth


We can protect nearly every interior surface from glass in the shower to PPF on gloss fridge doors just ask and we will go through your interior and advise.

To conclude

Your caravan is as personalised as you are, you know how you are going to use it and what’s important to protect for you and you have a budget and because of this our team will listen and work with you to create an individually tailored package that will keep your van in great condition for years to come.

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Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas
Awesome service and fantastic product.
D Johnson
D Johnson
Great price, great service and both cars are very clean. Far better than another business that charged even more. Thank you and excellent.
Arthur Tymofeyev
Arthur Tymofeyev
I’m quite happy with the service and the quality of paint protection film. Definitely recommend Perth Detailing centre
Amber Wise
Amber Wise
Pretty sure that's not my car!! (Kidding) Don't think it was even that clean the day I bought her home.
JJ Perry
JJ Perry
Great service. Happy with paint correction and ceramic coat
Paul McAteer
Paul McAteer
The detailer performed a great job on my Pajero Sport no complaints whatsoever. Would definitely use Perth Detailing centre again.
Cinci Dymock
Cinci Dymock
The interior was great but it is only 1 mth old car. Communication issues/expectation motor not cleaned or underneath. I wanted my car back to new as discussed with them. I had to wait whilst they corrected some missed spots in the buffing out of scratches. Lucky because my car was covered with dust so the guy wiped that clean. My sunvisor is missing and only just brought it the day before. $900 and kept overnight for finish. Outside paint now lookings great bar motor and underneath. Shame! A lot of money and still not complete
Navitha Dukkan
Navitha Dukkan
Terry Griffiths
Terry Griffiths
Very happy great result and very good service 👍🏻

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