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Paint Protection Film

Experience the difference with Bushwrapz, the ultimate paint protection film (PPF) for Australian 4WDs and Dual Cab Utes.

As true Aussies, we understand the passion for 4WD adventures and the importance of safeguarding your vehicle against the toughest conditions. That’s why we are thrilled to bring BushWrapz to Perth. With its remarkable scratch resistance and transparent finish, BushWrapz provides an optically clear protective film that preserves your vehicle’s appearance while giving it unmatched durability.

At Perth Detailing Centre, we believe in providing options that cater to your unique needs. That’s why BushWrapz offers three coverage and lifespan options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Whether you’re exploring off-road terrains or simply want to protect your investment, we have the ideal solution.

Benefits of Bushwrapz (PPF)

  • Stops paint scratches: Bid farewell to unsightly scratches caused by debris or harsh environments.
  • Stops stone chips: Shield your vehicle from the impact of stones and gravel, preventing unsightly paint damage.
  • Self-healing: BushWrapz features self-healing properties that effortlessly erase minor blemishes, keeping your vehicle looking flawless.
  • Easily removable or replaced: Should the need arise; our team can easily remove or replace the protective film without leaving any residue or damaging your vehicle’s surface.

At PDC, we provide custom templating services for various products such as Snorkel and Clearview mirrors. Additionally, we offer Bushwrapz to cover other areas of your choice, including bumpers, bonnets, tailgates, and roofs. The cost for each modification starts from $100.

Why Bushwrapz?

With BushWrapz, you no longer need to worry about pinstriping or scratches ruining your vehicle’s appearance. Our affordable and life resistant protective film is precisely cut to fit Australia’s most popular 4WD models, providing comprehensive coverage and unmatched scratch resistance. Embrace your off-road lifestyle with confidence, knowing that BushWrapz has you covered no matter where your adventures take you.

Our skilled team at Perth Detailing Centre are trained to apply your BushWrapz kit professionally, ensuring the best possible protection for your 4WD. With our meticulous attention to detail, your vehicle will receive the care and defence it deserves.

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