Which Paint Protection?

Last time we looked at “how to choose the right protection?” today we look at the choices for Paint Protection here in Perth that protect your vehicles paint and help you keep it in prestige condition.    There are 4 main types of Paint Protection that vary in their ease of application, effectiveness, longevity and


How do I choose the right Perth Paint Protection?

How do I choose the right Perth Paint Protection?  Perth vehicle buyers are becoming much more savvy when it comes to  research into buying a new vehicle. This is saving them hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars and they are going to the Dealerships prepared for the add ons that are going to


Top 5 Benefits of Paint Protection For New Vehicles

Paint Protection is something that divides the car industry; many people don’t understand what it does and when it should be applied. Some would argue that waxing is the only way to go to protect their car’s paint, while others prefer a more permanent protective coat over the layer of paint. However, if there’s one


8 – 10 Years Paint Protection

With so many detailing centres in Perth, you may be wondering why you should choose Perth Detailing Centre? The main reason is that we provide a wide range of top-notch detailing services for whatever you require, whether it is a polish or a full in depth detail inside and out. You wouldn’t trust just anyone


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