Additional and Specialist Services

Perth Detailing Centre is always looking to bring additional services to our clients. These are designed to further enhance and improve your vehicle to take the finished product to the next level. This is where Perth Detailing Centre differs as we are fully capable of offer these services all in house.




Engine Detail

Selling your vehicle? Exporting? Going to a car show? Going over the pits? Or you just want that bit extra? Our engine includes degreasing, cleaning and dressing or the engine bay to complement any detailing package.



Under Body Cleaning

From $150.00

Our underbody and chassis cleaning can be undertaken to remove red dust, oil and any other staining. A popular service when selling a 4WD or going for a vehicle examination (over the pits)

Ute & Van Liner

From $770.00

Our liner coating is a 2-component urethane system designed for application directly to most original manufacturers’ paint finishes or any self-etching primer surface. Dries rapidly and protects against rust, corrosion, UV damage, and extreme temperatures while resisting stains and abrasion.

More than a Bed Liner … Our coating makes an excellent sound deadener under or inside vehicles. Waterproof material stays flexible and reduces road noise and vibration, plus looks great! See one completed here

Protects and Sound Deadens:

• Pickup Truck Beds • Jeep Tubs
• Inside Cars, Trunks & Fenders
• Complete Chassis • Frames
• Under Automotive Bodies
• Engine Compartments
• Inside Trailers • Toolboxes
• Tractor & Truck Cabs, more!


Head Lamp Restoration

$120.00 per set

Head lamps looking good do not just improve the appearance of your vehicle but more importantly they increase your night driving visibility and safety as once they have gone cloudy they impair the light dramatically also not to mention illegal.

Our head lamp restoration is different to others! Many others will just simply polish the surface leaving it open to rapidly degrade. Ours is different, we restore the surface, clear coat and protect the to prolong the life of the light.

Paintless Dent Removal

From $120.00 per panel

Got annoying dents on your car panels? We can now get your car looking straight again. Further complementing our other services to further add to the final finished product. Using the the best in the business with years of experience booking is essential.


Sticker & Decal removal

$75.00 per hour – email photo or call in for a quote

Whether selling your company vehicle or rebranding or just purchased a stickered up car we have the solution for you. Using the latest techniques and products we remove all stickers, residue and glue to avoid any damage and need for costly repairs to paintwork.

Time taken varies from vehicle to vehicle, this depends on decal sizes, age and ghosting effect.


Red Dust Removal

Price on inspection

Red dust as we all know gets everywhere through our vehicles not matter what efforts we make, it is a fine natural dust that cannot only penetrate into all parts of the vehicle but also will penetrate rubber, fabric and other surfaces.

Red Dust vehicles come to us in two main formats, those that are from your family holiday and those that have spent several months in our remote mining industry. Our pricing is quoted on inspection of your vehicle and is dependant upon factors such as level of red dust and your requirements to the level of removal, but please understand red dust if left will be extremely difficult to remove in its entirety.


Water Stain Removal

From $150.00


This is a common problem here in Perth. Coming from different sources such as bore water and calcium deposits commonly from reticulation systems spraying onto vehicles. Using specialist products and techniques we are able to remove this staining with out damaging any specialist finishes or delicate surfaces. However due to processes involved paint protection or any wax/sealant will be damaged and therefore the paint will need some type of protection, this is something we can discuss when assessing and undertaking the work.


Industrial Fallout, Overspray & Contamination Removal

Price on inspection

Over Spray is when paint from an outside source such as commercial/industrial painters that have not took the appropriate precautions. Other forms of contaminates include industrial fallout, iron filings and rail dust.

We use different specialist techniques and chemicals to remove the contamination then finishing with a selected protection product which will be discussed upon inspection.


Odour removal

From $124.00 

This problem than can come in many forms and strength; from vomit, spilt food, milk and fatty deposits. Incorporating different techniques to eradicate this we must remove the source so to stop the bacteria growing. It is better to get this treatment done as soon as possible as to stop any further penetration by the source. We also use an antibacterial airborne treatment to get into any hard to reach places and ventilation systems.


Bull Bar / Roo Bar Polishing

Nudge Bar From $99.00 – Full Bar From $219.00

There is nothing worse on your 4WD than having a stained and faded roo bar. Using specialist techniques and products we will get it looking as new.

Prior booking is essential.


Window tint removal

Price From  $75.00

If your window tint is starting to peel, bubble or disintegrate it is time to replace it or if selling it it is a great tool to make your car look great as there is nothing worse than damaged tint when trying to sell your car.