Perth Detailing Centre is always looking to bring additional services to our clients. These are designed to further enhance and improve your vehicle to take the finished product to the next level. This is where Perth Detailing Centre differs as we are fully capable of offer these services all in house.

Bore Water Removal

This is a common problem here in Perth. Coming from different sources such as bore water and calcium deposits commonly from reticulation systems spraying onto vehicles.

Bull Bar Polishing

Nothing makes your vehicle look better than the chrome being polished to his high degree of shine. All alloy areas can be polished to remove staining and increase shine

Engine Detail

Selling your vehicle? Exporting? Going to a car show? Going over the pits? Or you just want that bit extra?

PDR – Paintless Dent Repair

Got a dent that has not broken the paint service, this is the ideal solution for you as these can be often removed quickly and efficiently from both metal and plastic painted areas

Headlamp Restoration

Your choice of polished or restored bring your headlamps to high quality clear vision that offers you a much safer journey

Odour Removal

This problem than can come in many forms and strength; from vomit, spilt food, milk and fatty deposits. Incorporating different techniques to eradicate this we must remove the source so to stop the bacteria growing.

Overspray Removal

Over Spray is when paint from an outside source such as commercial/industrial painters that have not took the appropriate precautions. Other forms of contaminates include industrial fallout, iron filings and rail dust.

Red Dust Removal

Red dust as we all know gets everywhere through our vehicles not matter what efforts we make, it is a fine natural dust that cannot only penetrate into all parts of the vehicle but also will penetrate rubber, fabric and other surfaces.

Ute Tray Lining

Protect your tray and avoid the unsightly scratches and subsequent rust, can be finished in standard black of be tinted to match your vehicle colour

Sticker Decal Removal

Got a trade vehicle that needs the signage safely removed or has your car had some after market stickers you want removed these can be easily removed safely where we have the choice of heat or rubber wheel to remove.


Touch-up Paint for Small Chips

Touch up paint service is a service not only improves the look of your paintwork but also reseals the paint to stop the elements from corroding the bare exposed surface

Save time and money on your small repairs.

Smart Repairs

Our S.M.A.R.T repairs are ideal where you want to save on your insurance excess and save on time compared to a conventional bodyshop where you may have to wait for weeks to get a spot and then be without your car for days/weeks.

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