Swissvax Protection and Enhancement Package 

From: $675.00(car) $715.00(SUV) $755.00 (4WD)


Designed by us and using the finest Swissvax products and techniques, this detail offers an alternative to our glass coating protection packages. A complete clean of the vehicle along with a machine polish enhancement adds to the final finish. With Swissvax Endurance wax applied by hand to add gloss and clarity along with over 12 months of protection.


  • Vehicle appraisal with client and paint readings taken
  • Engine bay cleaned and protected using suitable product
  • pH neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell
  • Wheels cleaned with suitable safe product
  • Tyres & arches cleaned
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Rinsed and washed with a pH neutral shampoo and safe washing practice
  • Tar spots removed
  • Fallout removed with suitable product
  • Clay bar treatment to removed bonded contaminates
  • Dried using ultra soft drying towels
  • Door shuts dried
  • Paintwork cleansed and enhanced by machine polisher*
  • Protected with Swissvax Crystal Rock wax offering 6 – 12 months protection (UPGRADE: Swissvax Endurance)
  • Door shuts waxed
  • Plastic trim dressed and treated
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Alloy wheels sealed
  • Tyres dressed
  • Glass cleaned
  • Chrome and/or stainless steel polished


  • Seats, upholstery and boot area thoroughly vacuumed
  • Air vents, etc dusted
  • All interior plastic/trim cleaned
  • Headlining and sun visors cleaned
  • Mats cleaned
  • Fabric and/or leather trim protected with Swissvax products offering up to 12 months protection
  • All interior plastics dressed/protected with appropriate product to suit vehicle
  • Glass cleaned
  • Final Inspection

*Further correction maybe required and will incur further cost, this will be advised during initial consultation.


This detail is undertaken at our Osborne Park workshop to enable us to control the working environment, conditions and to allow optimal condition for our chemicals to work.

Approx. time taken: 1day minimum.

Note: Vehicles that are found to be excessively soiled such as pet hair/red dust/sand upon inspection may incur surcharge. Extra seats incur a fee per seat.

Please remove personal belongings from vehicle prior to arrival.