Swissvax Interior Protection Package

From: $275.00 (Car) $300.00 (SUV) $350 (4WD)

Interior detailing is far more in-depth than many will realise, of course regular interior maintenance cleaning is a must regardless of how often this is done by most vehicle owners, but it’s the long term in-depth cleaning that often lets the interior down.

Over time even with maintenance cleaning your vehicle interior will start to diminish, most times without you seeing the effects until the wear is at best needing extreme care which then if left too late can cost more in time and expense to restore.

Our Swissvax Interior Protection Package will not only offer your car an in-depth clean of all leather, fabric, plastic and rubber but it will also feed and nourish these areas that will keep your car interior in prime condition for up to 12 month.


  • Seats, upholstery and boot area thoroughly vacuumed
  • Air vents, etc dusted
  • All interior plastic/trim cleaned
  • Headlining and sun visors cleaned
  • Mats cleaned
  • Fabric and/or leather trim protected with Swissvax products offering up to 12 months protection
  • All interior plastics dressed/protected with appropriate product to suit vehicle
  • Glass cleaned
  • Final Inspection