Detailing-Direct by PDC

Your regular car cleaning experts are coming DIRECT to your location.


The gym membership for your car maintaining maximum quality car care.


Perth’s premium mobile car cleaning subscription service has now been launched by Perth Detailing Centre, creating  an easy to use service that will maintain your vehicle all year round with an easy budgeting fortnightly payment system, so no big bills and no deterioration of your vehicles appearance while maintaining maximum value.






How often do I want my vehicle cleaned


Choose Standard or Full Service


Our experienced  staff will work with you to set your annual plan in motion


STEP 1 – How often does your car need cleaning ?



Weekly is ideal for a car owner that constantly looks for a fully detailed vehicle at all times 




This is our most popular as it is a well balanced and ideal for both businesses and family vehicles where the vehicles are to be kept in good & healthy condition at  all the times


4 Weekly 

Ideal for a vehicle that has less usage, does not have food or pets in it and is parked undercover during the day and night 



STEP 2 – Going to go with our standard detail where you look after your own polishing and deep cleaning or use our Full Service where we care for the whole package?


  Standard Full Service
 Wheels cleaned with non acid cleaner
High pressure rinse (inc. door shuts)
PH Natural safe wash (2 bucket)
High Gloss drying aide
Waffle cloth dried
Door jams dried
Leather wiped down
Windows polished inside and out
 Tyres shined 
 Fragrance (optional)
Finish Spray 
Finishing Wax   X
 Hand Polished  X Every 4 months
 Plastics dressed (exterior) Every 4 months 
 Seats & Carpets deep cleaned (Leather & Fabric)  X Every 4 months
All interior surfaces deep cleaned  (dash, doors & surrounds)  X Annually  
Bonus – Engine Detailed  X Annually
 Bonus – Antibacterial Air-conditioning Service   X Annually
Cars From $17.50 pw From $17.50 pw 
SUV  From $17.50 pw  From $17.50 pw 
4WD  From $17.50 pw  From $17.50 pw 


Step 3 – Once you have decided on steps one and two, contact Perth Detailing Centre on 9242 3230 who will work with you to set up your account and your agreed schedule